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Tilly Eco Kitchen

Available colours: RAL or NCS colour scale

Tilly ECO, a young and modern kitchen with fine curses, can be considered ecologic thank to the use of special water-based matt paints. The door, matt or gloss lacquered, has a practical integrated handle.
Anta: MDF door 22 mm thick., matt or gloss lacquered.

Contemporary Style

Extreme, essential, emotional.
Aurora's range of products also includes a more modern area characterized by clean and essential lines, always giving a very appealing result for both young and more demanding clients.

Tilly Eco Kitchen

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The environmental sustainability of products is the basis of our research.


The search for beauty is always our starting point.


Wood in all its details, is selected and processed so that its materiality is exalted inside our home.

Quality of life

Our innate values of hospitality, good cuisine warmth and openness are reflected in the way of conceiving our kitchens.

Green planet

Water-baised paints, Idroleb eco-panel, waste disposal...

Starting from 2010 a big step of Aurora towards sustainability, using certified and ecologic materials for the internal structures of the units.

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