Green planet

Starting from 2010 a big step of Aurora towards sustainability, using certified and ecologic materials for the internal structures of the units.

Water-baised paints: They respect nature and do not give bad smell and harmfull emissions.

Idroleb eco-panel: LEB is the ecological panel with the lowest emission of toxic substances (zero emissions). It's made of recycled materials.

Waste disposal: All waste generated in the company are collected, classified and disposed within the company.

Forest certifications: They certify that the product comes from forest that are managed correctly and responsibly in accordance with strict industry standards.

LED lights: It's possible to insert LED lights into the lower part of each wall-unit (low energy consumption).

Differentiated collection: Aurora offers a selection of dust-bins for a proper waste collection.

Garbage disposal: A sanitary appliance, installed below the sink, chopping food directly into the water pipes.

Saving energy with appliances: Aurora suggests the use of high efficiency appliances to reduce energy consumption.