Our kitchens have zero environmental impact

For every kitchen, we plant a tree, and then give it to you

A precious gift for you, a tree from our forest.

Our commitment for environmental sustainability is a gift for everyone, but above all for those who choose an AURORA kitchen.
You will become the guardian of a tree in the Aurora forest thanks to your kitchen and to the collaboration with Treedom.

Planting trees with Treedom reduces your environmental impact and CO2 emissions, fighting deforestation and safeguarding environmental biodiversity. Your tree will be planted by a farmer in his own country, where he will take care of it. Your tree will be photographed and geo-located, and will contribute iun providing environmental, social and economic benefits.

You will receive regular updates from Treedom on how your tree is growing. Each Treedom tree has its own online page, with photos, geo-localisation and where it can be protected.

Ecological materials and eco-friendly design

Since 2010, all models of the range have a structure made of ecological panels, so as to guarantee the highest care and health of users, together with the safeguarding of our environment.

Idroleb eco-panel

IDROLEB is the ecological panel with the lowest emission of toxic substances (zero emissions). It's made of recycled materials.
The highest level so far achieved by ENVIRONMENT & HEALTH technology

Waste disposal

All waste generated in the company are collected, classified and disposed within the company.

Forest certifications

They certify that the product comes from forest that are managed correctly and responsibly in accordance with strict industry standards.

LED lights

It's possible to insert LED lights into the lower part of each wall-unit (low energy consumption)

Differentiated waste collection

Aurora offers a selection of dust-bins for a proper waste collection.

Garbage disposal

A sanitary appliance, installed below the sink, chopping food directly into the water pipes..

Saving energy with appliances

Aurora suggests the use of high efficiency appliances to reduce energy consumption.

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