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Aurora Cucine story started more than 70 years ago

A family business since 1947

The birth and the immediate development of the company occurred in Poggibonsi, a small farming town in the heart of Tuscany, more or less in the decade 1950-1960, period known in our region under the name of "economic miracle”. More than an economic miracle it was a real transformation of the town, which passed rapidly from an agricultural to an industrial center. It was a wonderful process that made Poggibonsi, destroyed and devastated by war, a center of growing activities, commerce and trade.
It was during this industral “sunrise” (in fact, aurora means sunrise in English), that the company specialized in the manufacturing of modular kitchen cabinetry differentiating itself from the other companies for the creation of high quality and aesthetically superior products.
In the 80's is the first generational change: the sons of the three partners joined the company. Those values of beauty, quality, attachment to the territory they belonged, were transmitted from father to son. The new generation, inspired by the youthful energy of those who assume a new responsibility, initiated the most flourishing period of the company, which will soon be recognized as a leader in the ceramic and sanitary Italian industry for the production of tiled Tuscan kitchens.
Between 2002 and 2008, the third generation joined the company. Each son took strategic positions in the company, aware of the importance and value of their work that represents the final link in a chain built up over time on sacrifice, affection and cooperation. A strong chain, which does not break for more than 60 years.

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Aurora Cucine styles

Kitchens that are both modern and contemporary, linear and with islands: Aurora contemporary kitchens stand out from the crowd with their clean and essential lines which create welcoming environments to share with our loved ones. These modern kitchens have MDF doors, and fresh and attractive colours.
Aurora Country Chic kitchens feature materials with colours from the land of Tuscany. Solid chestnut wood kitchens that bring to mind the ancient farmhouses of the Tuscan countryside, plastered structures that use height and depth in a totally customisable way. Country Chic
Country Chic

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