History of the company

The story of AURORA begins more than a half century ago. In 1947 Mr. Calamassi, Mr. Grassini and Mr. Verdiani, fathers of the present owners, gave birth to AURORA as a manufacturing firm of iron furniture. The introduction of the firm into the world of kitchen furniture dates back to the sixties. Soon afterwards, the production of bathroom cabinetry was started. During the eighties a generational change took place, as the owners' sons joined the company.

The year 1987 represent a turning point: THE MOST BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY REALIZATION WERE BORN and a strategic choice was made. The distribution of the firm was addressed at the sanitary and ceramic sectors bringing the firm to acquire new competences and adequate services for this new business area.

In 2004 a new phase started that will lead Aurora to review the kitchen in a contemporary look, following the trends of the moment. Between 2007 and 2008 a range of completely new products was created: ALISON, VINCENT, TILLY in the “Design” area and IRIS, ESTER in the Country area.

All our kitchens are tied to the culture of their land and to the Tuscan “Haute-cuisine”.
They express functionality, aesthetic research and material consistence. Are easy to maintain and convey a great value for money.
Today, the successful Aurora Range of product has typical connotations such as “Stiled & Made in Italy” in two stylistic areas: MATERIC DESIGN AND COUNTRY CHIC.

Almost thirty years of valuable cooperation with the architect ROBERTO LAZZERONI, master of a “sentimetal design” that constantly create and renew the product without ever move it away from the memory and the Tuscan tradition to which he belongs.