Kitchen Internal structures and technical infos

  • The Idroleb waterproof recycled wood panel used for the interior of our kitchens represents the highest level reached so far by environmental and health technology.
    LEB and the IDROLEB water-repellent version represent the world's lowest emission Ecological Panels, made 100% with FSC certified post-consumer wood material and with formaldehyde emission values even lower than the limits imposed by the F **** regulation.
  • New internal “cloth” finish. Hygienic and easy to clean. Ivory or anthracite color
  • Case H. 78 cm MAXI SPACE + 10% of internal capacity.
  • New ecologic IDROLEB panel, certificated with the lowest formaldehyde emission.
  • New internal depth, from 303 mm to 345 mm
  • Higher thickness of 22 mm for the side panels
  • Higher thickness of 22 mm for the internal shelves with wider possibility of height adjustment.
  • New back panel thickness from 3,5 mm to 8 mm.
  • New hinges “CLIP TOP” Blumotion with shock absorber (deactivated if necessary)
  • Edging on all 4 sides of the internal shelves in ABS thickness 1 mm.
  • New high quality metal support for internal shelves.
  • Coverage of the holes with plugs in the same internals colour.
  • Fastening for wall units NOT visible from internal.
  • For the sink units: new aluminium bottom in smooth no-scratch finishing.
  • For all base units: new structure with superior frame (front and rear) in aluminium.

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