Glossy, lacquered Kitchen

The kitchen is beautiful and the after-sales service is excellent. Really happy with the choice made.

- Fabrizio Mencaraglia

The lovely Fabiana, intrigued by the suggestion of a friend, chose to visit our company directly to see with her own eyes our product and possibly purchase her dream kitchen.
In a single afternoon spent together, Fabiana was able to choose and define 90% of the details of her wonderful kitchen.
Modern and elegant, like her, her Alison Gloss Lacquered black and white was published, a few months later, on the cover pager of a famous British magazine of furniture.
Thanks Fabiana, for choosing us!

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Who... chooses a Kitchen by Aurora?

Who wants a customised kitchen "built from scratch" by expert craftsmen, yet technologically advanced


Who does not like "temporary furniture", but wants to buy something that lasts long


Who believes that it is better to choose than save on important things


Who has a precise "design" in mind and looks for professional kitchen designers to realise it